Intellectual Property Law Society

University of Chicago Law School
University of Chicago

2009-2010 Board Members

Francesca Erts
Class of 2011

Vanessa Van Aucken
Class of 2010
Vice President

Vineeth Narayanan
Class of 2011

Nancy Zhang
Class of 2011

Shawn Liu
Class of 2011
Speakers and Events

Dan Rosengard
Class of 2011
Speakers and Events

Dan Roberts
Class of 2011
Social Chair

Andy Zhang
Class of 2011

Jacob Hamman
Class of 2011
Membership Chair

All board members are reachable within the university by querying for their contact information using the University of Chicago Online Directory. For spam reasons, we do not list e-mail addresses on our webpages.

2009-2010 Events

  • We are currently in the process of planning events for the upcoming academic term and are in the process of updating this website.